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RCR Training Program

    Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
    RCR Training Program
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  • RCR Training Program

    ​The Partners RCR Program is required of all:

    Failure to complete the Partners program in accordance with the information contained on this web site may result in termination of support by the Partners hospital that has received the award.

    The Partners Program Consists of Three Parts


    The PHS seminar and CITI requirements must be completed within 12-months of the NIH or NSF appointment date or, if a direct award, e.g., an F or K award, as of the award effective date. The lecture component must be completed within 12 months of attendance at the PHS seminar.

    RCR Attestatio​n

    Upon completion of the program, trainees are required to submit an Attestation Form to the RCR mailbox  to notify the Partners Research Compliance Office they have fulfilled the NIH requirement.  Upon receipt of this form, Partners Research Compliance will send an email confirming completion of the Partners RCR Program.  This email should be retained as documentation for the NIH if requested.

    There are two Attestation Forms.  The K-24 PI RCR Attestation Form  for K-24 PIs who have met the RCR requirement by teaching a hospital-based lecture or discussion or serving as faculty for the Partners RCR Seminar.  All other trainees or fellows should use the general RCR Attestation Form for completion of the basic RCR course. 


    RCR Refresher Course Program Components

    The NIH requires individuals with three or more years of training support to complete additional RCR training, what we are calling a "refresher" course.   Partners has made arrangements for this requirement to be completed online by completing three modules; Collaborative Research, Peer Review and Research Misconduct of the CITI Program Responsible Conduct of Research Refresher Course.  Instructions on how to enroll and complete the modules can be found hereOnce the RCR Refresher Course is completed, you are required to submit an  Refresher Course Attestation Form to PHSRCR@ . ​


    RCR for Senior Fellows and Career Award Recipients

    Senior fellows and career award recipients supported by F33, K02, K03 and K24 mechanisms may fulfill the RCR requirement by participating as lecturers or discussion leaders in a hospital-based RCR-eligible course or serving as faculty for the Partners seminar.  

    Senior fellows and career award recipients supported by the above-referenced NIH award mechanisms who are interested in teaching a BWH RCR-eligible course should contact Allison Moriarty.  Those interested in teaching a MGH RCR-eligible course should contact Mary Gervino.  Senior fellows and career award recipients interested in participating as faculty in the Partners Seminar should contact Mary Mitchell.)​


    Mary Mitchell
    Corporate Director of Research Compliance, PHS​​

    For all RCR inquiries: Danielle Morin​
    Senior Research Compliance Coordinator​



    RCR Attestation Form

    RCR Attestation K-24-PI Form

    RCR Refresher Course Attestation Form